20 Common Things

Imagine you’re beginning a new job - in other words, practically a new life. In addition to new environments, tasks and norms, you’re also faced with the obstacle of getting to know your new team.

At first glance it seems your immediate team is already a well-oiled machine. But have no fear - a simple ice breaker game can help ease these initial encounters!

This game really is simple; a piece of paper with 20 lines simple. For this game, divide into teams of three or four, with one piece of paper and pen per team. You should also have a moderator to run a timer, tally final points and judge “point worthiness.”

For ten minutes, each team’s goal is to fill all twenty lines with “things” and “stuff” you and your team have in common.

The winning team will have the most things in common, in consultation with the moderator.

It’s never too late to use this ice breaker game because, more often than not, people continue to learn new things about each other every day. This game only supports that possibility.

20 Common Things

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