Autograph Bingo

Autograph Bingo is a great ice breaker game that is best played in larger groups. To set up this ice breaker game, it is necessary for you to prepare a bingo style game card with four rows down and four rows across beforehand. You will need to fill in each box (16 in total) with interesting statements such as ‘has blue eyes’ or ‘grew up in the country’. These facts can be anything fun or humorous that will give the group a conversation starter and a way for everyone to get to know each other. Photocopy the game card so you have one to give to every person in your group.

Every person (armed with a pen and their game card) will then walk around and ask each other if any of the 16 statements apply to them. If the answer is yes, that person needs to sign their name in the corresponding box. To encourage interaction, it is best to have a rule where you cannot have a person autograph more than one box on a person’s game card. Of course if you have a smaller group, you can make the bingo card with less boxes. Make it as big or as small as you like to match the size of your group.

The first person with all 16 boxes autographed wins when they shout bingo!

Autograph Bingo

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