Defend the Egg

Defend the egg is a great ice breaker game to promote team building and introduce everyone to one another, best played with a large group of people.

You should have everyone break into smaller groups, giving each group an egg. The object is to find a way to protect the egg from breaking when dropped from a height.

You will need materials available that can aid in protecting an egg from breaking. Materials may include straws, tape, glue, cotton balls, icy pole sticks and any other materials that group may need.

Next, each group will be given a set amount of time to create a design that is able to protect the egg from breaking when dropped. Once every group has finished their design, each one will drop their contraption from a height. Generally, someone standing on a chair and dropping the egg will suffice.

The team whose egg does not break is the winner!

This ice breaker game can also be played outdoors, where each team can be given no materials and can only use anything they find outside. This allows teams to use their creativity and use teamwork to find the best materials that can be used to protect the egg.

Defend the Egg

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Things you need:

Cotton Balls



Icy Pole Sticks


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