Ice Breaker Sentences and Pictures

Here’s an ice breaker game that requires competency in the written word and in basic drawing (or not!) and is great for all sorts of situations, from parties and work places to first-time encounters.

Gather together a group (or groups) of five to seven people. Sit together facing each other (preferably in a circle) with each person equipped with an A4 sheet of paper and a pencil.

At the top of the paper, each person begins by writing a sentence. This sentence could describe the person next to you (John is wearing black socks), something interesting you did that day or week (Yesterday Susan and I went for coffee), or anything else on your mind (I don’t think that thing Annie ate off of the floor was an M&M).

The sentence doesn’t need to be easily drawn, which makes the game trickier and more comical.

After everyone is finished writing their sentence, they should pass their paper clockwise. With new papers, everyone begins a drawing directly below the sentence to (try to) conceptualize it.

Once done, fold the paper so it hides the sentence (but not the picture) and then pass the paper clockwise again. The next person (seeing only the drawing) should then try to write down a sentence that best describes the drawing.

Afterward, he or she will fold the paper over their drawing and pass it on so the next person sees neither the first sentence nor the drawing, but only the second sentence.

Continue this process until everyone receives their original paper back and have everyone read out loud their paper’s progression! The results can be highly amusing.

Ice Breaker Sentences and Pictures

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