Never Have I Ever

In this ice breaker game, called “Never Have I Ever,” the more participants involved, the better!

You should have the participants form a circle so everyone can see each other’s faces. Each person will then hold up five fingers (or more, if the group prefers a long haul).

Start the game with, say, the youngest person in the room, the person whose birthday is coming up soonest, or with a volunteer. You just need to pick one person to start the game.

The first person will deliver a statement to the group about something he/she has never done before, beginning with the phrase “Never have I ever…” For example, the individual could say, “Never have I ever seen the movie Ghostbusters”.

Next, anyone who has seen the movie will put down one finger. Move on to the next person (on your right or left, either/or) who will then announce his/her testimonial.

The object of the ice breaker game is to be the last one “standing” with as many fingers up as possible. Not only does this game congratulate those who enjoy the “square” life, it’s also a great way to introduce and exchange interests for those who “live on the edge.”

Never Have I Ever

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