Personal scavenger hunts

To play this ice breaker game, everyone is given a list of things to find on a scavenger hunt! The list can include things such as something you have had a long time, something you are proud of, something that reveals something about you, something you want to share, and something that causes concern or worry. The list can go on and on.

Everyone then has to use that list to find the items on themselves or in their handbag or wallet. They can be items such as wedding bands, photographs, medication, favourite nail polish - anything they can relate to themselves in the way the list requests.

This can be a quick ice breaker game or a long ice breaker game depending on the amount of people you have in your group. It can be used at work or school with as few as three people to as many as you like and are willing to take the time to listen to.

It can help people connect and find common interests, or open one’s mind to another person’s story or situation. It can be very entertaining and give people a good feeling sharing special parts of their lives with others.

Personal scavenger hunts

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