The Clue Game

This ice breaker game is fun regardless of the social situation you may find yourself in! It’s very simple and straightforward, and requires very little preparation. Given that so many people love to travel (but may not have had the opportunity to do so as much as they would have liked), this ice breaker game gives everyone the chance to learn about different destinations and cultures, in an entertaining way.

This is how it goes: each of the members of your group thinks of a place they have either been to before, or wish they could go. Once they’ve figured out their destination, they decide upon three clues that they are going to give in order to help the other members to be able to accurately guess their city/country/place of interest.

The trick to this game however, is that they cannot say their clues out loud - they have to act them out. For instance, if their chosen place is Hawaii, they could do a hula dance.

The person at the end of the game who has guessed the most destinations wins a prize of some kind. This is not only a great ice breaker game to get the members of the group to interact with each other in a fun and creative way, but it also gives them the chance to get to know one another by seeing which destinations they’ve been to or would like to someday visit.

This ice breaker game is ideal for any social event such as networking meetings or parties, in addition to the first day of work or school.

The Clue Game

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