The Four Questions Game

This game is perfect for team building; it is one of the few ice breaker games that require your entire group (or sets of teams in larger groups) to do a joint activity. It is very straightforward and extremely effective in building team dynamics!

Give each member of the group some paper and a pen and tell them that they need to write down four questions that will all have the same answer.

This will give them a chance to work together to formulate these questions, and involves critical thinking skills without being boring.

If this doesn’t seem to suit your group, try playing the version whereby the group must come up with ten things that begin with a certain letter, or fifteen things within a given category (such as sea animals or fairy tale characters).

By having your entire group work together, you are enabling them to talk amongst themselves and join forces to get the task completed.

This is a much more creative way to have them interact with one another than simply sitting around in a circle sharing their names and likes or dislikes, and can lead to great professional relationships in the long run.

Ice breaker games like this are ideal for any sort of business meeting or team building exercise at work or school. Children may enjoy it during their first day of school, and it could be a good idea to use at parties where few people know each other.

The Four Questions Game

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