The Shoe ID Game

The shoe ID game is a great ice breaker game for large and small groups of any age - the object of this game is to gain knowledge about the people in your group.

In order to play the game, everyone in the group will need to form a circle and put one of their shoes in to the middle of the group.

Next, each person will pick a random shoe from the pile and then walk around the room to find whom the shoe belongs to. Once the person has found the shoes owner, they will ask three questions to the person so that they can become more acquainted with them. Once everyone in the group has met the owner of the shoe that they have picked and asked the questions, everyone will get back in to the circle.

Next, each person will introduce their person to the group and re-tell the three interesting facts they found out.

Since this game requires a shoe from each person, it is best to play this ice breaker game indoors. It can be played multiple times, and everyone can learn additional facts about the people in the group, by choosing a different shoe, meeting a different person, and different facts being shared.

The Shoe ID Game

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