The Sketch Game

A take on Pictionary, but with a twist!

You simply have everyone go off into his or her own space within the room, and provide them with a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil.

Ask each person to describe themselves through images, without the use of numbers or letters. Give them a few minutes, maybe five or ten at the most, and then go around the room and gather up the illustrations.

Once you’ve done this and placed all of the paper into one stack - have the group come closer so that they are able to see the sketches as you hold them up one at a time.

The object of this ice breaker game is for everyone to guess which person drew which picture. After each of them are guessed upon, you have the person who created it describe how their artwork symbolizes them. This is a really fun way for everyone to show who they are creatively, and for the others in the group to get an idea of how the person perceives themselves.

You can also do a variation on this game by having each person use magazine or newspaper clippings to describe themselves (rather than drawing), so long as the clipping doesn’t contain words or numbers. This version comes in handy for a group that isn’t as comfortable drawing as they are simply cutting images from a media source. It still has a similar effect however, in that your group will learn a lot about one another through a simple self-portrait.

These kinds of ice breaker games are ideal for group situations at work to improve the team’s dynamics, as well as networking meetings that involve people who do not yet know one another.

The Sketch Game

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