The Superhero Game

This ice breaker game is truly one of a kind, and involves using your creativity in a variety of ways.

You will need to give everyone a sheet of paper and something colourful to draw with such as a crayon or marker. You then ask each member of the group to go off into their own corner of the room to think of a super power they would wish to have. They will then need to draw themselves as a superhero (or villain!) with the paper and marker provided.

Let them know that silliness is key here, and that you really want them to go all out and make it as fun as they can.

Once they have all drawn their super selves, gather the group back up again and have everyone share their super self-portrait, as well as describe their super power in detail.

This may seem like one of the more silly ice breaker games, and quite unconventional, but it helps to relax everyone.

When they are all at ease with another, you’ll find that they interact more and have no problem conversing amongst themselves.

This ice breaker game is ideal for children and adults alike. For children, the creativity will come naturally. For adults, it will help to bring out their inner child and enable them to be more cohesive as a team. They will learn more about each other’s personalities and recognise each other’s strengths.

The Superhero Game

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