To tell a tale

This ice breaker game involves a large amount of creativity and an active imagination. It’s bound to bring out some laughs amongst your group, as well as give everyone an idea of the true personalities of each individual.

Here’s how it works: you hand everyone a sheet of paper and have him or her write down an outlandish story about anything they like (nothing explicit!). They should really take their time to craft the best tale they possibly can within half an hour or so. When they are all finished writing, you can collect each short story and read them aloud to the group.

Have everyone vote on whose story they think it is, and the person who has the most correct guesses at the end gets a prize. This ice breaker game can be time consuming, but if you have a lot of free time - then it’s well worth it! It gives everyone a feel for each other through their works of fiction.

This ice breaker game is ideal for the first day of University or High School. It is also a really great option for manager’s to utilise - in order to get their team to become familiar with each other if they are strangers (or to learn more about one another if they are not).

To tell a tale

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