True or False

True or false is an ice breaker game where each player makes a statement, and the other players in the group have to guess whether or not your statement is true or false. This ice breaker game can be used in small or large groups and the age range can vary from kids to adults!

Each player takes a turn making a true or false statement (i.e. ‘I like to call people’s mobile phones when I know they are at the movie theatre’, or ‘I was a published author by the age of 16’, or ‘I love green beans’). Once the statement has been said out loud, they allow everyone else in the group to decide whether it is true or false before revealing the correct answer. At the end of the ice breaker game, everyone will know at least one new thing about each other as well as get an idea of how they think.

This ice breaker game can be played anywhere where there are at least two people that are able to speak freely with one another. It’s a great ice breaker game to play if you are on an awkward meeting with another person and you do not know what to talk to them about. Get to know someone quickly with this game and have fun making up crazy things while doing it!

True or False

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