Two truths and a fib

This party game is a true classic! It has to be among the top 5 ice breaker games, as it is both entertaining and insightful!

Have everyone in the group sit or stand in a circle. One by one, each person makes three statements to the rest of the group, - two of them being truths and one of them being a lie.

Once each person has finished speaking, the others vote on which remarks they think are truths and which one is a lie. They can make their guesses by either writing them down on sheets of paper or by simply holding up their hands when the statements are repeated.

Everyone gets their turn at telling their truths and a lie, and this can continue on for as long as you see fit, given that the group keeps having fun and learning about one another.

Another variation of this is to have each person state three wishes, with one of the statements being an actual wish of theirs, and the other two being things that they made up on the spot. This version gives everyone a chance to be a bit more creative, and allows for the others in the group to get a better feel for the speaker and what their ambitions or values are.

For instance, if someone’s true wish is for their daughter to get into great university when she grows up, you know that they are focused on education and very family-centric.

This ice breaker game is ideal for any party situation where there are quite a few people, as well as the first day of school or a first day of work. It is so simple and requires so little preparation, that it can really be utilized in any social or business situation where people are unfamiliar with one another.

Two truths and a fib

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