Who am I?

Though it has been used at parties before, this ice breaker game is a fun and entertaining way for everyone to become acquainted with each other quickly and without the process feeling forced.

Before everyone walks into the room, you will need to fill out quite a few cards with the names of famous historical people, celebrities, or anyone else who will be known and recognizable by the mere mention of their name. If you need help doing this, simply search the Internet to give you a few ideas on whose names you should use.

As everyone enters the room, tape a name card to their back. At this point, nobody should reveal any mystery identities. Everyone in the room will mingle and ask each a yes or no question to try and figure out the name on their back. To encourage interaction amongst everyone, people should stick to one or two questions before moving on to the next person.

They can only remove the card once they’ve guessed correctly.

This is a great game where everyone will get the chance to speak with everyone on an individual basis - rather than in a group setting. If you feel that certain members of your group may be shy or might tend to avoid social situations, it’s a fantastic way to ease them in to speaking with others.

This ice breaker game is ideal for groups of children, teens and adults, as the names used on the cards can be adjusted for any age group. You can use it for a first day of school or a first day at work, as well as any social event you might have in mind, such as a bridal shower or birthday party.

Who am I?

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Sticky Tape
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