Would you rather?

Would you rather is an ice breaker game that helps everyone to get to know one another in a small group.

For this ice breaker game you pick two random scenarios that can be either extremely positive or extremely unfavourable. Some examples would be: ‘Would you rather eat a giant crunchy bug OR use an extremely gross bathroom?’ or ‘Would you rather win the lottery, never having to work again but live isolated in a small country town, OR take a high-paying stressful job that requires lots of hours, but live in a dream capital city location?

Each player should take a turn proposing a question, with everyone in the group having the opportunity to answer, before moving on to the next player who then asks a new ‘would you rather’ question.

This ice breaker game gives everyone an insight in to the kind of person someone is just by listening to their answer, finding out what is more important to them in life. You can tell right away if a person is fun, adventurous, quiet, materialistic or family-oriented - the list goes on and on. It is a very quick way to make each other comfortable and find common interests amongst the group. It can be played in minutes or hours; it’s very versatile and a great way to get people thinking!

Would you rather?

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